Pheletant the Elephant

When we fall short, when our plans go awry, we have an opportunity and we have a choice.

We can choose to see what has occurred as a re-routing, as information that may ASSIST us in eventually getting where we want to go, an opportunity for revision and improvement, to gain better results.

Or we can see it has having failed.

How we decide to perceive what happens to us, how we frame those events in our minds, pre-selects the types of thoughts and ideas we are able to access.

Much like the filters,

Ask people what they want and they will often tell you what they don’t want.
  • What do you want? I don’t want to be fat.
  • What do you want? I want to lose 5kg
  • What do you want? I want to stop smoking
These answers focus on the negative, what is not wanted.   Instead of focusing on what we want to achieve, we’re focusing on what we want to put behind us. But by continuing to focus on it, we keep it in front of us.   Having a goal in your mind, of what you DON’T want i.e. “don’t eat the chocolate”; means that in order for your brain to remind you
Behind every behaviour is a positive intention, even if the behaviour isn’t positive.
  • Some of the most horrible people in history did what they did because they thought it would earn them respect.
  • Maybe you smoke because then you feel calmer under pressure or maybe you overindulge to escape?
  • Maybe being a bully is the only way someone knows how to be when they want attention.
Just because your behaviour may have had a positive intention, doesn’t make it all right. It is never ok to abuse someone for instance, no matter what your reasoning. But understanding this concept does help us understand ourselves and others more

From Me

I just really want to help children feel better about themselves and their lives in their journey through childhood.