Pheletant the Elephant

A lot of successful individuals, athletes and business people alike often discuss how they saw in their minds eye what they were going to achieve long before they achieved it. This is because they are motivated by moving towards a goal “I will be the next President”. Some, admittedly, are motivated by moving away from a goal “I will never be poor again”. However, what we have found is that when you move away from a goal, once you achieve that goal, you stop.

Losing weight (goal) because I no longer want to be fat (moving away) means that as soon as you lose some weight, you’ve achieved your goal and can stop

The power of language influences everything we do. “The language we use and verbal patterns we employ seed ideas or generate closed loop questions that trigger actions” Eleanor Goold I'm sure there have been times, you've used language to cajole your child... “You’ve behaved so well today, you can decide if you want to go to bed at seven or seven thirty. You decide?” This is called the DOUBLE BIND: It’s a conversational technique that gives another person two choices, and either of which gives you your required outcome i.e. Would you prefer a bath or shower after dinner? (Setting communication up with the illusion of choice increases
My husband is a great & natural rapport builder. He’s quite tall. Whenever he was chatting with those shorter than him, he found himself naturally standing with his legs apart. Often quite widely. Observers thought he was overly relaxed or attempting to dominate by appearing larger than he was – but in fact – he was building rapport with them by reducing his height to match theirs. The shorter they were, the further apart his legs would go! Rapport is a connection, feeling in sync with someone. Plain and simple. W

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I just really want to help children feel better about themselves and their lives in their journey through childhood.