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Additional / Replacement Phelly

$ 20.00

Children form bonds with their toys, they become loved ones, some believing they are in fact real.

To lose an all-the-time friend like Phelly, who you have come to rely on to make you feel safe and secure and like everything will be ok, is a heartbreaking event.

As such, should your child lose or misplace your Phelly, please let us know immediately.

We have many pictures of Phelly on fun adventures that we can send you to let your child know Phelly still loves and cares for them, but has merely become distracted by his/her environment. This provides your child time to either find their misplaced BFF or for you to order another Mini-me delivery Phelly plush toy.


For those of you with more than one child:

We understand that each child may require their own Phelly with which to bond.

We recommend, in this instance, purchasing some personalized paraphernalia such as bangles, neck ties, glasses, hats, t-shirts etc to differentiate between Phelly’s.


We would love for you to send us any photo’s your children have on their Phelly adventures too. Just click on our social media links below to share with us!


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