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Do it Yourself

Is your daughter is fighting you about going to school and playing with her friends?

Or perhaps your son, who was once fanatical about soccer no longer wants to train?

Phelly is the tool and help you call upon when you need to assist your child overcome their problems

The ideal solution for families who want to help their children improve their decision making or reframe how they think, but in their own time as and when it is needed.
Includes Phelly plush toy, Phelly Story book, exercises, NLP reframing cards.

Help your child in your own time as and when it is needed.

Phelly was conceived when we realised that whilst we had the tools to help our children, one of them was reluctant to take our advice on board, let alone action it - we needed an independent third party. Our other child conversely, was very happy to listen to our hard earned wisdom!
But whilst it was we struggled to get one child to open up and listen (leading us to develop a different way to communicate with them), we were able to use certain tools with them which helped them to see how they could change their own circumstances.

Open Up Conversation

Sometimes kids want to be heard, other times they want advise or help. Knowing the difference is important in helping them. When they talk to you, they are doing it because they recognise you can help. If they don't open up, but you know there is an issue, then you need to go about things slightly differently to help them get the insights they need. It is for this reason we developed two different ways to utilise Phelly's tools and resources:

  • Done For You - The DFY model
  • Do It Yourself - DIY Model

Phelly exists to help your child develop the resilience and mindset required to thrive in their lives. The DIY process allows you the flexibility to read the situation and respond accordingly. We give you the tools and messages you need and you use them when you believe the time is right.

What you get in a DIY Starter Kit

When you purchase a DIY pack you will receive:

  • A Phelly Plush Toy
  • The "Story of Me" story book
  • A welcome note from Phelly
  • Access to our downloadable cards

* Please note, for any assistance please contact us via our online form. Phelly is an aid to help your children develop the tools they need to navigate life to their maximum potential and should be used  in conjunction (as necessary) with ongoing professional assistance.

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$ 70.00 AUD

The ideal solution for families who want to help their children improve their decision making or reframe how they think, but in their own time as and when it is needed. Includes Phelly plush toy, Phelly Story book, exercises, NLP reframing cards.

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What others are saying

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“As a single father, whose children witnessed significant domestic violence, whereby comments made by me were difficult for them to absorb (without attributing or negatively associating with another they love), Phelly’s ability to be impartial, trustworthy and impart wisdom & clarity, benefited my children enormously! Even now, they still revert to Phelly's wisdoms.The ideology behind Phelly & his support for children in times of need is so intrinsically correct and so digestible for kids, I am sure all children would benefit from having Phelly in their lives.
- Anonymous

“Introducing Phelly into my center has provided me with the perfect vehicle to initiate deeper conversations with the children. Phelly is an ideal non-threatening friend who strengthens our ability to promote each child’s emotional wellbeing.”
- RoyFaulkner, Director of Kids Castle OOSH, Sydney

“From the moment that Phelly arrived in our home she was a welcome addition. Both the boys have embraced her, and on the first night alone my little boy asked if he could hold Phelly as he was having bad dreams. He went off to sleep within minutes. The cards are a great tool for starting a conversation. It doesn’t feel forced and has allowed communication to flow. Recommended”
- Saarah, Mother of two boys

“I purchased Phelly for the girl next door as I could see she was struggling withvarious aspects of childhood. She loves it! I am hoping to find new ways to use Phelly to give her the opportunity to ‘talk’ to someone as she is particularly shy and is reluctant to talk about things that may be worrying her. I think the whole concept of Phelly is absolutely amazing and can be used in varying degrees relevant to the child’s age and situation and so many children canbenefit from it!”
- Kristina, next door neighbour to 4 year old

“Phelly is such a clever tool to help overcome life’s challenges with our children who are more excited and willing to hear messages from Phelly than us. Very carefully thought out issues are being tackled, but most of all, the follow through and pesronalisation of Phelly by the originators is incredible. I highly recommendit!
- Alicia, Mother of 4

“As an educator, it was evident many kids in my care had concerns. I struggled to 'break the silence'; kids wouldn't open up. They'd say what I wanted to hear, dodge the question or ignore me. Enter Phelly. He appeared in class with a note. Before long, he was popping up in kid's homes with personalised notes on their particular worry. The kids find Phelly trustworthy, non-threatening & able to help. It wasn't that they didn't trust adults, it was more that they didn't want to add to their parents’ stress levels. Phelly's an invaluable tool in our mental wellbeing toolkit, one we use a lot! We actively encourage interaction with Phelly! - Alex