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Collectible Phelly’s

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We aim to teach children HOW to think, not WHAT to think and the aim is to give them an enormous arsenal of skills to last a lifetime.

​To do this, we ensure that children have an aim to get through as many cards as possible and learn as many psychologically proven techniques as possible… And getting the next coloured Phelly is the best way!

To get your next Phelly, your child needs to have completed 80-100 cards to receive the next coloured Phelly.


Each Phelly comes with an additional skill and purpose.

  • Orange “Mini-me delivery Phelly” – Your very first Phelly
  • Aqua “Schnooks” – received once 80-100 cards are completed
  • Yellow “Pooker” – received once 60-80 cards are completed
  • Cerise “Brixie” – received once 40-60 cards are completed
  • White “Biffle” – this is phelly’s best best friend and you get him for free once you have completed the entire set of 200 cards


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