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Additional Letters from Phelly

$ 5.00

IN ADDITION to the 20 cards your child receives within the Starter Pack…

Phelly ALSO writes personalized letters to your child when they write to him or send him drawings. The first two letters are part of the experience of Phelly and are therefore free of charge.

When your child writes to Phelly or draws pictures for him, just post the letter to

PO Box 3131 Willoughby NSW 2068

and within a few days, Phelly will reply to your child about their specific issue, offering psychological advice and tips within his letter.

Subsequent replies to your children’s letters must be purchased and as such we find that additional letters are best initiated if the child is having a long-term issue that you feel would benefit from Phelly’s personal touch or if they feel really upset by something in particular.

We want children to really believe that Phelly has their back and what better way than to receive a PERSONAL REPLY to one of their letters showing them how much he loves them!


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