Pheletant the Elephant
One of the basic premises of human nature is that everything we do; our choices, our behaviour (good and bad) has a positive intent (or at least we believe it does). Otherwise we wouldn’t do it. And as children, patterns begin to form as we learn what works for us… you become a crier, a bully, a class clown, the smart one, adventurous… It may be your child’s interpretation of how they are parented that creates this, it may be circumstantial, it may be an indirect consequence of your parenting choice, it may be what they see works for other children, it may be innate. The below information can be quite confronting because no one INTENTIONALLY wants to hurt their children and
Once a week I go into my son’s class and do reading with the kids. For 40 mins a week, I sit with a child at a time, helping them to practice their reading and get their head around new words and increasingly complex sentences. No, this is not about me, you can relax. Reading with them is a really nice experience. The kids are excited to get time out of class, I get to help the kids and it feels pretty good to do something for others. However, recently, someone asked me if I did it as a way of keeping tabs on my son and how he was doing compared to others. It was a fair enough question I suppose, but the truth is, no, I do not go to keep tabs. See, here’s the thing. Irrespective

A lot of successful individuals, athletes and business people alike often discuss how they saw in their minds eye what they were going to achieve long before they achieved it. This is because they are motivated by moving towards a goal “I will be the next President”. Some, admittedly, are motivated by moving away from a goal “I will never be poor again”. However, what we have found is that when you move away from a goal, once you achieve that goal, you stop.

Losing weight (goal) because I no longer want to be fat (moving away) means that as soon as you lose some weight, you’ve achieved your goal and can stop

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I just really want to help children feel better about themselves and their lives in their journey through childhood.