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Phelly's Recommended Reading List


Phelly's Recommended Reading List

February 13, 2020

We are often asked what books we have read (and more importantly which the kids love) and would recommend to others. Today, we list a few of the books we love.

Younger children

Sunday Chutney

Aaron Blabey

Sunday Chutney is not your ordinary every-day girl. Sunday has travelled the world! But with that adventure, comes a lack of somewhere to call home, somewhere to fit in. She is always the new girl at school. Luckily, it doesn’t bother her – she likes herself and she doesn’t care what people think!


Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum is a mouse who is teased because of her name. She starts to feel that it would be better to have a ‘normal’ name, be average. But she is reminded in this book that there is joy in being different, embracing diversity and being proud of who she is.


The Eensy-Weensy Spider Freaks Out (Big Time!)

Troy Cummings

This is a picture book on how Eensy the spider lost her courage after her most famous waterspout incident. This book shows children how to face and overcome their own fears.

Stand Tall Molly-Lou Mellon

Patty Lovell

Molly-Lou moves away from everything she knows and loves, and in her new world encounters a bully who teases her for the way she looks. Eventually, after chatting with her favourite grandmother from home, she is able to make a new home for herself in this new world and understands that feeling good about yourself makes being different fantastic!

The Sneetches And Other Stories

Dr Seuss

Creatures born with stars on their tummies, the Sneetches are all special. Though some are born without stars and become envious of those with stars. This book is about accepting everyone without discrimination.

You Are Special

Max Lucado

Wemmicks are wooden dolls who decide each other’s worth with a system of gray dots and gold stars. One Wemmick, Punchinello, sadly gets lots of gray dots and struggles with his sense of self. He then meets a fellow Wemmick who has no dots and no stars, but seems super happy – she tells Punchinello what really makes a person worth something.

Spaghetti In A Hot Dog Bun

Maria Dismondy

Belittled, bullied and teased for the things she loves… being one of a kind hurts this little girl. By helping others she finds self-love and is accepted more by her friends. This book is about compassion, courage, embracing individuality and that it’s okay to be different.

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees

A tall giraffe who gets mocked by the other animals when he tries his hand at dancing.

A friend tells Gerald that “when you are different, sometimes you just need a different song”. Gerald then follows his heart, finds his own rhythm and becomes his own star!


Lindsey Yankey

A young bluebird who has to face flying for the very first time without the help of her friend, the wind. It takes a little while for her to become confident, but she is determined to succeed.


The Dot

Peter H Reynolds

A girl named Vashti who thinks she can’t draw, overcomes her insecurities and in the end tries lots of things she thought she could not do.

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

Gary Rubenstein

A nine-year-old girl who spent her whole life being a perfectionist – until she makes a huge mistake in front of EVERYBODY and then see’s that no one is perfect and that being perfect really isn’t that much fun at all.

I Like Myself

David Catrow

A girl who knows she is special just for being her, loves and likes herself just for who she is.

Unstoppable Me: 10 Ways To Soar Through Life

Dr Wayne Dyer

This book is filled with values to help children see the strengths that lie within.

The Name Jar

Yangsook Choi

This little girls name is too different, she is unhappy with it and no one can pronounce it. Time to choose a new name! That is, until she realizes what her name actually means and feels empowered by it.

Affirmation Weaver: A Believe In Yourself Story

Lori Lite

A positive thinking story to help children deal with stress and anxiety and how to overcome obstacles they may face in life by helping them believe in themselves and giving them more confidence.

Have You Filled A Bucket Today? A Guide To Happiness For Kids

Carol McCloud

Negative words and actions take away ours (and other’s) happiness. This book shows children how their actions of kindness, appreciation, and helpfulness will make them better people.

Junkyard Wonders

Patricia Polacco

Trisha is in a special ed class “The junkyard”. She has a learning disability and is taunted by her classmates. The teacher intervenes, taking the class to a real junkyard to show them that real treasures can be found anywhere.


Raina Telgemeler

It can be a traumatizing experience for children with dental gear during a time when their friendships and sense of self matter most. This book details the painful experiences of growing up and how to deal with adversity.

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