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Helping Kids Conquer the World

When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel.
When you change the way you feel, you change the way you act.
When you change the way you act… you can change your life.

An emotional swiss army knife

Parents are not always equipped to know how to help their kids.
Phelly has tools and steps to help you and your child cope with all manner of things.

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Phelly is for homes

Kids don't always like to listen to their parents. But studies have shown independent 3rd parties often have an impact on helping shape kids lives.
Phelly is the hand you need at home.

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For you or with you

Phelly works however you need it to.
hether you want a fully-led approach from our team, or want to implement the framework as needed on your own, the choice is up to you.

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Phelly is for classrooms

The troubles plaguing kids are not confined to either the home or school. Sometimes it is both.
Phelly is designed to help kids wherever they need it, for real problems that they are facing.

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The ways Phelly helps

Simply put, Phelly is the confidant and mentor your kids need to help them deal with an increasingly stressful world. Your child's own personal counsellor that they don't have to book and wait to see. He is there the moment they need him.

So Who is Phelly?

Phelly, represents a framework which works to help kids with their troubles - whether these are concerns over their abilities, feelings of self-worth or in dealing with bullying or difficult circumstances - Phelly exists to show kids their little, open hearts are safe.

But what does that mean? Put another way, Phelly is a resource parents, teachers and carers can tap into to help children feel loved and supported, even when they can’t be there.

Phelly was born of the realisation that kids don't always like to listen to their parents, and parents often don't know how to help their kids when they know they need it most.

Phelly is an independent third party who helps kids by teaching them strategies to help them with their problems, worries and concerns.

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A few facts

What people have to say

Andy M


“Phelly has been a truly welcome addition to our family. There have been numerous occasions that Phelly has stepped in to assist both my 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter understand and better deal with lifes hurdles. The concept has enthralled them and is a wonderful adjunct to normal parental advice. I think they listen more to Phelly than me!
A fantastic aid to assist children cope and better understand difficulties they face as a normal part of growing up.
Cannot recommend highly enough, Phelly is Phantasic.

R. Haddad


“I am so happy that I found Phelly. I use him as a tool to help my son open up about issues he is facing. He’s not a talker and his favourite responses to my questions are normally “nothing” and “I can’t remember”. However, through Phelly’s visits, he will open up as he wants to explain to me why Phelly has visited and this gives me great insight that I never had before into his little world. We have used Phelly for a couple of months now, and I have found out so much information to help me parent and guide him. Its such a great tool and I am a Phel-iever!”


NeuTral Bay

“We have been using Phelly in our preschool room for a few weeks now and the children love giving him a cuddle and having a chat. The story is a great introduction and explanation and when the time arises we will introduce the letters but it has been a great conversation starter for our children to not only feel they have someone else to talk to but also to initiate new friendships and conversations between peers.”

Emily King

London, UK

“We are delighted with Phelly & our pupils have adapted well to the ideas within the package Phelly comes with. Beautifully presented, clear lesson plans, easy and descriptive activities for all. I’d highly recommend for any Senco dept"

Senco, London Private Preparatory.


Northern Beaches - Sydney

“My daughter is in love with Phelly, the first day I brought her home she fell in love with her straight away she takes her almost everywhere and ELLY (we re-named her) sleeps next to her every night in bed. Sometimes she writes to her if she is feeling down and other times she mostly just writes to her as a friend.
It’s so cute to see my kid have a good imagination with her magical friend. I would highly recommend this to every adult with a child in their lives”

Victoria Apperley

Liverpool, UK

“Phelly is awesome!! I have just received the starter pack and it is going to be just perfect for my 4 year old. I can’t wait to see how this will help us going forward! Everything is so easily signposted and easy to understand!
I would recommend this to every parent! it is just great!!”

Victoria, United Kingdom